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Well, it’s the end of this project..

Well, I’ve done absolutely nothing with this blog, mostly because I’m really busy outside of school and I have the memory of a pickle. However, I have actually gotten better at drawing and I’m on the verge of getting my dad to let me use the tablet he never uses to draw. This post thing is not my thing, but this did help me be more motivated to work on my drawings and actually ask for advice on drawing. This did make my grade suffer, but at least there was some fun with my crippling anxiety that comes with failing my classes. I really think I would have enjoyed this a bit more if I was more motivated, but I suck at motivation and can’t really do anything without constant reminders. But anyway, I loved this assignment, just can’t keep up with weekly points and yeah..


Well, Uh…Okay

Well, I still don’t have much of an idea of what I’m going to do with this, but learning how to draw a lot better seems like the best option I can think of. Pretty sure I’m just going to look up drawing tips and good bases to use for drawing specific things and work on everything I suck at now. Hopefully by the end, I’ll be able to draw a normal person or an actual animal. I guess I’ll share a few of the drawing tips and bases on this page too, mainly because I suck at keeping track of pictures I find, but I can’t do that at school because these computers suck.